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Installing TJ Flares on a CJ - Rear Flares

My Cost: $126.25

- Set of used TJ flares - $100
- Hex Sheet Metal Screws - $5.00

- Side Marker Lights - $21.25 Dealer item

This install is broken into three sections the front, rear and end results, just click on the above to see the part you want. You will need to build up your nerve to slice and dice your body and fenders up to fit these flares it, but the end result is very nice. The way I did this project was more complex then some of the other versions I have seen done. By the time you finish looking at everything I will probably just have added to your confusion:) But hopefully some of the pictures might give you an idea or two.

- Some large paper for making templets
- Saber saw and several metal cutting blades for trimming the excess metal off
- Lots of sheet metal screws and small washers to fasten the fender on.
(I used Hex head screws, this allowed me to use a ratchet when putting the flares on)
- White grease pencil for marking the front fenders
- Hammer metal chisel
- Sheet metal patches
- Angle grinder
- MIG Welder

1. Lay the rear fender flare on the large paper, trace out the design and then cut it out.

2. Tape the templet to the rear fender where you would like the flare to be installed. The paper templet will also protect your paint when running the saber saw around. Without the paper you get some nasty scuff marks.

3. Cut out the needed material, here is what I removed -->

4. When all the cutting is done, prime and paint all the exposed cuts that were made to prevent rusting.

5. Hold the flare up to the fender mark where the mounting holes are, drill them out to a size that will hold your sheet metal screws tightly (test on some of the scrap that was cut off) Then install the Flares.

The original write-up can be found at: http://www.cj7jeep.com