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Rock Light Installation
The first thing most people do (myself included) was to mount some KC style lights on the front of their 4x4. These work great for lighting up the area in front of you vehicle but have some drawbacks. Mainly they are useless unless you are the trip leader, if your behind someone you will completely blind them. Second they light up nearly a mile in front of your vehicle, great for hi speed desert racing, but when your rockcrawling you may take an hour or more to cover that area and what you really need to see is the areas under and around your tires. The solution is a rock light. Basically a low powered light that you aim towards the ground illuminating the area a rockcrawler & trail runners needs to see the most.

I found the perfect lights at Wal-Mart. I say perfect because they were small and cheap ($14.99). They come with a switch and all the wiring needed. If you want to place them far apart (fender to fender) you may need some wire to go between them.

The first set went out back to be used as backup lights. I was able to tuck them real close to the frame cross member so the should be pretty safe from pointy rocks.

The second set was mounted to the nerf bar mount, just in front of the rear spring hanger. I angled these so their focal point illuminates the area beside the front tires. When turned on they also light up the entire undercarriage.

Iadded the last set after I noticed a dark spot right in front of the front tires. These are located just behind the headlights. So if your keeping track I used 3 relays and 3 switches. Be sure and mark the relays so you know which set of lights each ones actuates.

Here's what it looks like in the dark. The backup lights are on but I leave them off on the trail until needed. These lights also make it real easy to do trail repairs in the dark since everything but the interior is lit up. Also your spotter will actually be able to spot for you in the dark! If you ever tried spotting someone thru a tough spot with just a flashlight you know what I am talking about.

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