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Lockers Types Explained
ARB Air Locker
Auburn Cone
Dana Trac-Lok
Air actuated ondemand locker. The best of both worlds since it can operate as a spool when locked, and an open diff. when un-locked. Most expensive locker. Clutch style limited slip that features coil-spring preload for constant resistance to differentiation. This is a good replacement for OE limited slips or vehicles that see bad roads orinclement weather. Standard flat-plate, clutch-type limieted slip, mild streetable, appropraiate for front axle applications, and normal to medium size tires.
Eaton Posi
Powertrax Lock Right
This is a limited slip built with carbon fiber clutch plates and available in a number of spring pre-load pressures so differentiation resistance can be tailored to suit specific applications. Inexpensive insertable locker, do it yourself install, a bit more harsh in disengagement than the new powertrax no-slip. This was originally built by Dana and used in military jeeps, now it's built by Precision Gear for Dana 44s, Dana 60s. It uses a 4 pinion design with preloaded clutches cross-shafts have a ramp design that squeezes power on the clutches as engine torque is delivered.
Power Brute
Tractech Detroit E-Z Locker
Tractech Detroit Gearless Locker
Four pinion two cross-shaft unit similiar to the powr-lok and built for import applications. An insertable locker; like the powertrax lock-right in terms of function and installation ease. This is an insertable locker that uses clutches, a steel disc assembly and a side coupler splined to the axle shaft rather than internal gear teeth for locker operations; the most streetable full locker.
Tractech Detroit Locker
Tractech Detroit TrueTrac
Traction Loc
Complete-Carrier assembly unit sesnse driveline power and locks shafts together, physically the strongest unit on the market, apporpriate for any application from beginners to competitors. All-gear torque sensing limited slip, apropriate for front-axle applications. This is Ford Motor Company's version of the dana Trac-Lok
Zexel Torsen
Lincoln Locker
Lincoln Lockers as they are called have been around since before there was any other lockers such as a detroit. The lincoln locker is named after the welder it was made with- Lincoln Welders. Lincoln Lockers are not actually lockers yet welded gears to create spool action. If you choose to Lincoln Lock your axle be sure you know how to weld good since you probably don't want the welds breaking off and destroying anything inside your diff.
All-gear torque sensing differential, similiar to truetrac but has beefier case, more agressive teeth and higher torque bias so it reacts quicker.
Locker Don'ts
  • Don't accelerate through corners.
  • Coast through and keep a steady speed.
  • Don't install a locker on a vehicle that will tow heavy trailers.
  • Don't use tires of unequal height on a locker equipped axle.
  • Don't use different air pressure in tires on a locker equipped axle.