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Basic Equipment List

Area maps Hydraulic jack
Axe or Saw Knife
Baling wire and/or Duct tape Matches (kept in a baggie or film can)
Blanket Radiator Stop Leak
CB Radio Shelter (tent) & foul weather gear
Can opener, paper towels & toilet paper Shelter (tent) & foul weather gear
Dehydrated foods (take little space and last a long time) Shovel
Extra motor oil (1 or 2 quarts) Sleeping bag
Extra gear oil Spare tire
Extra gasoline (enough for round trip) Tarp or plastic sheet (6' x 6')
Extra belts Tire pressure gauge & tire pump
Fire extinguisher Tire repair kit and Fix-a-Flat
First-aid kit Tools
Flashlight and extra batteries Tow Hooks
Food & lots of water Tow strap
Gloves Winch owners: a winch kit, including a tree strap, clevis pin (shackle), and a snatch block or pulley.
Hi-Lift jack