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Axle - Ford 8.8 Specifications
Ford 8.8
Ring Gear Size:
Gears Ratios Available: 3.08, 3.27, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10*, 4.56*, 4.88*, 5.13* (* Requires notched cross pin shaft)
Reverse Cut Ratios: 3.73, 4.10, 4.56
Locker Options: ARB, Detroit, Eaton, Auburn Pro, Lockrigh, Trac Lok, Truetrac
Cases/Carriers: Standard 31 SP 8.8 (no splits)
Axle Tube Size 3.25"
Axle Diameter 1.32"
Total Length 59 3/4"


The Ford 8.8 is found in many vehicles.
The vehicle of choice to get an axle out of is a Ford Explorer 95 or newer.
Since the bolt pattern is the same as the newer jeeps (5x4.5) and the width of the axle is only about 1" shorter than a stock YJ/TJ axle the Ford 8.8 is a perfect swap.

95+ Ford Explorer 8.8 Specs.

  • 31 Spline Axle
  • 1.32" Axle Diameter
  • 3.25" Axle Tube Diameter
  • 8.8" Ring Gear Diameter
  • Traction Device - (optional/trac-lock)
  • Disc Brakes (95 and newer)
  • 6,500lbs working before breakage
  • Entire Length 59 3/4"

The weak link in the Ford 8.8 is the carrier. Since you will be most likely using this axle in an off-road rig you will want a traction device such as a locker. Detroit makes a locker for the 8.8 that replaces the carrier; now you have a eliminated the weak link and have a locker. This is the best bet.

Ford Rangers have 8.8s but only have 28 spline shafts. (Upgradeable to 31)
95 and up Explorer's had disc brakes but note some still had drums....

97-99 Ford F150s still used a drum brake 8.8". It is a 31 spline axle, however the bolt pattern wont match up with the jeep. (5x135mm)

'90-'92 Ranger 8.8s, are 57 1/2" wide
'93- up Ranger 8.8s, are 58 1/2" wide

You can find used Explorer 8.8's for around $300-$600 depending where you live. But remember the new explorers are IFS and IRS so you can purchase NEW un-mounted Ford 8.8s with discs and 31 spline shafts as well.

All Ford 8.8 Axles are C-CLIP style which means if you brake a shaft the tire will fall off. Now from what I have heard from people and the "internet" the disc brakes will hold your tire on until you fix the shaft... I wouldn't this on the street but you should be able to drive it off the trail. Companies had a c-clip eliminator for the 8.8 however I am not sure if it is still in production.

Warn made a Full Float kit as well but I am not sure if it's around still.

The Ford 8.8 is a light axle(weight) compared to Dana 44s, Dana 60, and even the Ford 9". The Ford 8.8 comes in just under 200lbs.. 2 guys can easily put it in a pickup....


Assembly Specifications
Cover Bolt Ft. Lbs. 28-38
Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 16-29
Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 8-14 Used
Ring Gear Backlash .008-.015
Ring Gear Bolt to case Ft. Lbs. 70-85
Side Brg. Caps Ft. Lbs. 70-85