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Axle - Dana 30 Specifications
Dana 30 - Front Axle 
Ring Gear Size:
7.2" (7 1/5")
Reverse Cut Ratios: 3.07, 3.54, 3.73, 4.10, 4.56, 4.88
Gears Ratios Available: 3.07, 3.31, 3.54, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10, 4.27, 4.56, 4.88, 5.38
Locker Options: ARB, Detroit, Lock-Right, Powr Lok, TrueTrac
  • 3.54 & Down Standard
  • 3.73 & Up Standard
  • 3.73 & Up Powr Lok

This Dana 30 features an open knuckle design with 7 1/5" ring gear. Although the same model axle has been used for almost 25 years, they are not compatible. There are numerous various in brakes, hubs, differential orientation, wheel bolt pattern, and width.

A strength of the YJ Dana 30 is its use of reverse cut ring and pinion. The ring and pinion are stronger when they are reverse cut in front axles. The reverse cut axle also provides better ground clearance and driveline angles.

Unfortunately, the TJ does not use the reverse cut Dana 30. It uses a normal cut Dana 30 similar, but not compatible to, the CJ Dana 30.

The YJ and the TJ Dana 30 uses the 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern. The YJ Dana 30 is of course set up for leaf springs and the TJ Dana 30 is set up for coil springs.

The Comanche (MJ) and Cherokee (XJ) use a reverse cut Dana 30 and the Grand Cherokee (ZJ) uses a normal cut Dana 30. Like the YJ and the TJ, these axles use a 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern. All of these trucks use coil springs up front.

The Dana 30 front axle was used for a short time from 1971-1973 in Cherokees (SJ), Wagoneers (SJ), and J-Series pickups.

Spring Pads
Wheel to Wheel
Dana 30/CJ Narrow Track
Dana 30/CJ Wide Track
Dana 30/XJ
60 3/4"
Dana 30/MJ
Dana 30/YJ
Dana 30/ZJ
Dana 30/TJ



Assembly Specifications
Cover Bolt Ft. Lbs. 30-40
Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 20-40
Pinion Nut Ft. Lbs. 200-220
Ring Gear Backlash 005-.009
Ring Gear Bolt to case Ft. Lbs. 45-60
Side Brg. Caps Ft. Lbs. 35-50