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Axle - 14 Bolt Specifications
14 Bolt Rear Axle
Ring Gear Size:
9.5" & 10.5"
Axle Tube Size 3.00 x .250
Axle Splines Available: 30
Gears Ratios Available: 3.21, 3.42, 3.73, 4.11, 4.56, 4.88, 5.13
Locker Options: Gov Lock, Detroit, Lock Right, (Welded)
  • 4.11 Down
  • 4.56 Up
Housing Material Cast iron


The 14 Bolt Rear axle is known for it's massive'ness! If you constantly are breaking Dana 60 shafts then maybe it's time to consider upgrading to the massive 14 Bolt. Now the 14bolt we speak of as being massive is the one with the 10.5" Ring Gear.

A great thing about the 14Bolt is that you can pick one up at the Junk Yard for $100 to $200, then buy a rebuild kit for around $150 and your ready to go. Now if you want to shed some weight (since it does weigh around 600lbs) you can take off the Drum Brakes and replace them with Disc Brakes. Many people make disc brake kits / adpaters for the 14bolt. A popular caliper is one from a Cadilac.

The downfall to the 14Bolt is also its' massive`ness! The differential is VERY low and the 14Bolt is not reccomended for anyone running less than a 38" Tire.

Another downfall is the lack of lockers, and gears. There is word an ARB is on the way. Many people choose to Lincoln Lock (weld) the spider gears, we do not reccomend this beacuse LOTS of people have reported the welds become "smashed" by the attempting spider gears to spin, and eventualy they start to spin again which makes the weld pointless. Others have repoted the welds breaking off after severe use, this can be due to a poor weld so take this information with a grain of salt. We reccomend the Detroit locker, it fits in the massive 14bolt carrier, and is CHEAP! You can have one for $300-$325 only.


People run all sorts of large tires on the 14Bolt and I have not heard or seen of ANYONE breaking an axleshaft.. 38" Tires to 54" tires.. I have not seen a broken shaft yet!

The 14bolt has a lip on the bottom and side that can be shaved off to gain about a half-inch of clearance. You can actually cut the bottom half off, and plate it but this requires machineing the ring gear down as well, and can get expensive.

Click Here - For Shaved 14Bolt Pictures

Assembly Specifications
Cover Bolt Ft. Lbs. 20
Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 20-25
Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 10-15 Used
Ring Gear Backlash 005-.009
Ring Gear Bolt to case Ft. Lbs. 105
Side Brg. Caps Ft. Lbs. 100